People eat with their eyes. When people hear information, only 10% will remember what they heard three days later. However, when given information with a picture, 65% of people will remember after three days.*

Food Photography is not just about having good looking food. It’s about showing your future guests the passion and craft that you put into every dish.

When you hire Taylored Images, you don’t just get a photographer; you get a partner. A partner who shares your passion for food and is dedicated to showing people why they should be as passionate about your food as we are.


My name is Taylor Reschka, and I am your photographer. My passion for food stems from my Mother. She was creative, passionate and driven when it came to cooking. She would read cook books like novels and loved to explore a multitude of different cuisines. We lost her to cancer in 2002. Even though she is gone from here, all of my siblings have a knack for cooking. I carry my mothers passion for food with me everywhere, everyday and in every dish. I’m excited to share that passion with you and your clientele whatever and where ever that might be.


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